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Hackney chelsea girl 1996


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Hackney chelsea girl

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typical chestnut mare type lol - hates anything on four legs from dogs to horses to cows to sheep to pigs to ......... shes a forward going nutcase but i love her - shes spooky, can only be turned out by herself as she will chase any other horse out of the field (only just found that out!!) - she kicks other horses and has sweet itch - hates being clipped - has to be heavily sedated - will only box in a lorry - wont go near trailers but wouldnt swap her for anything else. She has an absolutely huge character
when loose schooled or excited her hackney stride comes out - when being schooled her action is less hackneyfied - she struggles with canter but that is due to her breed and i accept the fact her canter in the school will never be good
success at showjumping at riding club level cullminating in winning the london and south east team jumping british riding club affiliated competition and coming 4th at hickstead again in the british riding club affiliated competition out of 72 teams from all over the country from scotland to cornwall - i live only 20 mins away from hickstead so i could just go on the day but they all stabled there - it was a big competition - dressage isnt her strongest point as being a hackney she is really a trotter and struggles with canter but when she goes nicely she goes extremely nicely - she loves her jumping and we have had numerous places in hunter trials, cross country and show jumping
pure breed hackney but pedigree unknown
gorgeous 15.3hh liver chestnut hackney mare with four white stockings going up to hocks and knees and a big gorgeous slodge of white on her nearside flank area - she has a big white blaze going across to one eye and under her chin - she is absolutely gorgeous

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