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Date: 2012-12-27

Riding Pony Armani 2003

Riding Pony Armani - My best friend.
Riding Pony Armani - My best friend.
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Signe & Armani
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Riding Pony Armani

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1.36 cm. (danish hight)
He has the greatest temper.. Trusty, friendly, lovely and he love food ;-)

He is a lovly little pony.
We can do all things together.. We spend a lot time, and I know we can reach the dreams.
They are fabulous.. He uses his back very very good ;-)
His canter and trot is the best - he lock like a big horse! We work with the walk, and its much better now - he learn so fast!
PRI - dressage classe.

But it's just a start in the new year.. He can all the dressage classes ;-)

There is a little welsh in him.
I don't know more than this..
The best pony in the world! We have been together for over 5 years..

He do every thing he can (and more) to make me proud.
We have a really special bond.
And now we'er on the way towards the competitions, but we have work to do, if we will be the best ;-)

I have learn him all.. Everybody say to me "you will never reach the top" but i never give up, cause i thought on him! And now - I have a pony who win all time to competitions.. Now they say" what a pony?... I can just say" that pony, its mine with a big smile on my face!"

I know we will reach ALL the dreams I had in my mind. All things we need its training, training and more training! We are so ready to a new competition season.. Every day i ride him, he's better than last time - so fabulous!

The way has been long - very very long, but with him it was the best time all the time! I know we have so many adventures together

He comes when I say 'Armani' or 'Mani' (I call him Mani like a nickname). It is so sweet!

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