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Date: 2013-4-13

Other Dino Soleil 2000

Other Dino Soleil - Dino and me walking..
Other Dino Soleil - Dino and me walking..
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Camilla Stormont *LE*
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Other Dino Soleil

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128 cm
50.3 inches
Dino is kinda'... Special.
He has been abused when he was younger and that has affected his temper a lot. He is really sweet and caring when he trusts people, but when new people attend to train him, he tend to get very aggressive. Not because he is evil, but because he is scared that people is wanting to hurt him.

But when you know him, and when you get to him. He is the most amazing horse I have ever met. He is so devoted, and caring and he ALWAYS does the best he can to make his trainer happy!
When he was younger he was in lots of competition, mostly show jumping, but also a bit of dressage.

I've had Dino ever since he was just 8 months old. We have a long and wonderful story, with a happy ending... Or at least so far.

I got Dino when he was just 8 months old, he was my 10 year old birthday present. I just wanted a horse of my own, and my mom gave me this wonderful boy. When we got him he was black and he wasn't tamed. He was very scared of humans and had been badly abused. At that time I didn't know anything about Natural Horsemanship and we got a trainer out who tamed this young foal.

Dino and me became best friends. At that time I got bullied in school and I hated myself. Dino was my best friend and he was located at a field just behind the house I lived in. So I spend hours and hours next to Dino, doing nothing. When he was 3 I started riding him, it was a dream come true. But Dino was only 128 centimeters and I was now a big girl on 14. So we decided to send him out to this amazing family who had to young girls. They anticipated in lots of competitions and I was SO proud of Dino and I still visited him as much as I could. Later they bought him, because I knew he was with the perfect people! But... when Dino was 7 years old they had to sell him, the daughters grew, just like me, and Dino became to small.

He was sold to a huge stable where they didn't treat him well, and then they sold him to a young girl named Mathilde. Mathilde loved Dino, but her family didn't know much about horses and Dino became more and more aggressive, simply because he was misunderstood. When Dino was 9 years old the vets found out that he has kissing spines, and that he wouldn't be able to anticipate in competitions ever again. This was when I went to see my old friend, and I just knew in my heart that there was NO WAY I was gonna let them put him down. He wasn't in pain, only when ridden. So I decided to buy him.

Now Dino is with me, and he has been 2009. I have no regrets that I bought my old friend back. Even though I can't ride him - No horse will EVER mean as much to me as Dino does. The hours I spend with him, all the amazing days by his side are so much more worth than anything I could ever imagine!

When I was 14 years old I PROMISED Dino that when he got old I would get him back, well he isn't old - But he is mine once again, and he will never leave my side until the day God's decide that it's his time. I love you Dino, more than anything!

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