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Date: 2013-4-8

Welsh (sec B) Digby 1997


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Alicja J
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Welsh (sec B) Digby

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a big 12.2 hh
very calm and loves jumping he is speedy and loves a good gallop
Digby has a lovely steady walk every stride he takes is forward going. His trot is lovely forward going trot with a beautiful extended trot. when he canters he moves so gracefully with a lovely bouncy canter. when he jumps he has a lovely bouncy canter when he is approaching a jump. only if the jump is big enough, if the jump is too small he rushes.
very good we win loads of trophies, rosettes, meddles and have one 2 sashes of champion in showing
Digbys most favourite thing ever is cross country and going for hacks in a big field and me just letting him gallop and gallop. I have had him since I was 9, we got Digby on the 24th October 2008 4 days after my birthday.

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  • Gillian W

    Created: Jan 2013
    Replies: 23
    Horses: 2
    6 years ago

    Digby is a lovely pony, the two of you seem to have a real bond, good luck with him and keep having fun!!

  • Claire L

    Created: Jan 2013
    Topics: 2
    Replies: 161
    Horses: 1
    Photo albums: 11
    6 years ago

    He's a super pony. It sounds as though you have enjoyed lots of success and lots of together.

  • J.S.

    Created: Jan 2013
    Topics: 5
    Replies: 15
    6 years ago

    He looks like a real cutie.

  • 6 years ago

    I would like to read a little bit under "gait" and "gender", but welcome.
    - Give a vote to Baxter?

  • Helene H

    Created: Feb 2013
    6 years ago

    Hi, welcome, you have a really lovely pony, guess you must have lots of fun with him,
    some great pictures, hope you have a good show season this summer.

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