Connemara The Brumby 5.07 21
Date: 2013-4-8

Connemara The Brumby 2002

Connemara The Brumby - 2'6 jump with vertical drop
Connemara The Brumby - 2'6 jump with vertical drop
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Connemara The Brumby

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13hh, very low withers, set on her shoulders, long backed
kind, honest, loving, gentle, brave and careful, sensitive to the aids and was ridden by me bareback, in a headcollar and leading another horse about 1/2 a mile to the field every morning and night also jumped like that. was ridden by school friends bareback (who don't have a clue about horses)
long loose strided comfortable walk, slow but going forward trot, small but smooth and comfortable canter, long slow smooth gallop. a big buck for a small pony! (almost verticle!). very alterable and relaxed in every gait (could do half passes in canter out on a hack). brilliant careful jumper. Learnt to take a double bridle and do novice movements with ease.
everything we could possibly enter including SIDE SADDLE both showing and jumping. dressage, XC, SJ, one day events, showing, WHP classes at county shows, PC and RC events of all kinds. Got us both to numberous championships and we had success at every level. jumped without reins at home as a training exercise (we don't have an arena of any kind)
unknown breeding
mare (had a foal in piebald foal in 2006 called lucky)
Dun 13hh pony with black points, black mane and tail. Set on her shoulders and a long back but good length of neck and lovely shoulder. Honest, kind, careful but brave, tried her hardest no matter the place, situation or how tired she was and was a quick learner as she was very intelligent. Could jump her height with me on her back and loved every second of attention she got from any human. She used to run alongside the car when I came home from school and would be waiting at the gate whenever I had her headcollar. I could walk up to her when she was lying down in the field and have a cuddle with her. I used to change her rug when she was loose in the field and she'd wait patiently while I did all the straps up. Lovely to be around and amazing to ride. I was so lucky to have had the chance to ride her let alone help break her in and teach her almost everything she knows.
Was in cheshire with a younger girl teaching her to ride but is back with her owners at present.

For videos of brumby in action please search 'brumbysTHEbest' on youtube to find my channel.

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