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Date: 2013-4-3

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Do you go for a walk with your horse?

Many riders do not think about it when they go for a walk with the horse. But it's actually few people who are going correctly with the horse. Here are some tips;

The halter:

The halter should not be too large because then it will slide around as it may interfere with the horse's eyes when you pull it.
The nose piece must not sit too low on the nose, as it is supposed to put pressure on the horse's sensitive nose.

The rope

The rope should lie comfortably in your hand and it should not be too short. A 4 meter long horsemanship rope is preferable. It allows you to keep a greater distance if the horse gets scared. The material should not be too smooth or too easy.


It is optimal when the horse's head is on a level with your shoulder. This location has several advantages: firstly the horse has not his head in front of your shoulder, and the horse will not be tempted to take command.
In the horse world does the fact that it must set the pace, if it has taken over the lead.
Secondly, you have the horse's head and ears in perspective, that way you have the opportunity to get trouble in advance. In addition, you avoid getting hit if the horse gets scared and jumps forward.

One has to learn the horse being pulled. The horse've no idea what you exactly want from it. Go slowly and you must be sure that the horse understands what you tell it.
Training must take place on a flat and fenced place. You must first of all learn the horse that it must adapt to your speed. In addition, the horse must always be able to stop and stand still.

bad habits

If the horse has bad habits it has to due with two factors; most horses have not learned to give in to pressure. When you pull the horse, they do not following the pressure of the halter, but draws against or freezes instead.
Many horses simply do not know what to do.
You can easily find out if this is the case with your own horse.
- Grab the rope just below the haltersmake slight pressure up from below. The horse's head should follow the pressure. If it moves up or not moving - the horse does not give in to pressure.
Is requires training - always remember to give in immediately if the horse gives in to pressure.
Secondly, the horse did not pay attention to the end of the rope or ignore the owner, with such a horse, it is important to make sure that the horse concentrates on the owner who are pulling it This can be done by a sharp command - eg. Pssst sound or a quick jerk on the rope.If the basics are not in place, it is not safe to pull the horse

solid shoes
When you deal with horses you have to wear solid shoes or boots and they are especially important when pulling horses.


It is a good idea to use gloves, they provide a protection against fire blisters that may occur if the rope is being ripped out of your hands.

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  • Malene H Created: Jan 2013
    Topics: 90
    Replies: 72
    Horses: 1
    Photo albums: 8
    6 years ago

    Your welcome - its great to know that it helps someone.

  • Ann W Created: Nov 2012
    Topics: 3
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    6 years ago

    I take my horse for a walk quite often, in just a headcollar and lead rope... She is quite chilled as I live next to an Airparc... this is where the Zeplins used to land not far from Hampton Court Palace... It is quite open but a lovely place for a walk at dawn or dusk..... Quality horse time...

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