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Horse or abdominal pain Horse or abdominal pain
Horse or abdominal pain. For many reasons, here are some common causes: - Slowed d...
Off topic - Mai M - 3 years ago
Mai M 1,096 3 years ago
Horse community Horse community
Hi Guys :) I moved to England (Salford) a year ago and had to sell my horse and p...
Off topic - Aless&Chantell - 5 years ago
Aless&Chantell 1,662 5 years ago
I wanted to put my lovely PRE mare on here, but Pura Raza Española is not a choice? O...
Off topic - Emilie L - 5 years ago
Emilie L 3,124 5 years ago
horsing around horsing around
tried dating sites,hoping for better luck on here,looking for a female 35/40,non smo...
Off topic - Neil B - 6 years ago
Neil B 2,038 6 years ago
Where did he go? (adding a new hors... Where did he go? (adding a new hors...
Okay so, last night I added my new horse, but he hasn't shown up, in the pending hors...
General discussion - Blanca and Ida - RIP Mi Corazon - 6 years ago
Blanca and Ida - RIP Mi Corazon 3,767 6 years ago
leg up aid leg up aid
I'm very short ( 5ft ) need one of those gadgets that go in stirrup to help you get o...
Off topic - Neil B - 6 years ago
Neil B 2,183 6 years ago
market place? market place?
Hello horse bazoom :D is there a great place at english sites, were i Can look for us...
General discussion - Milsen - 6 years ago
Milsen 1,367 6 years ago
Any other people in here with Welsh... Any other people in here with Welsh...
Yes, I was wondering, if any other in here have/have had a pony from Stud Waardhoeve ...
General discussion - Cecilie P - 6 years ago
Cecilie P 2,457 6 years ago
freindship freindship
Just wondered if there was a female in Kent fed up with going riding on their own ...
General discussion - Neil B - 6 years ago
Neil B 1,560 6 years ago
Friesian Mare For adoption Friesian Mare For adoption
My baby is a 6 year old dream Friesian, and measures just under 17 hands. she is trai...
General discussion - Stephanie C - 7 years ago
Stephanie C 1,498 7 years ago
GoPro video of horse riding GoPro video of horse riding
Hi guys! Last year I made a GoPro video, which for some reason proved to be quite ...
General discussion - Emily H - 6 years ago
Emily H 3,091 6 years ago
Photoshop - Flying Pegasus Photoshop - Flying Pegasus
Hi, Just made two pictures the other day, and thought I'd like to show them to you, ...
Off topic - Lykke *Team TWH* - 7 years ago
Lykke *Team TWH* 3,147 7 years ago
Hunters Hunters
Thought i would start off a group for Hunters! Just general discussion, sharing you...
General discussion - Leonie - 7 years ago
Leonie 1,432 7 years ago
Why? Please help Why? Please help
Hey there. Why is'nt there a horse race in 'gallery' that says 'dutch sports pony' a...
Off topic - OMG! - 7 years ago
OMG! 1,314 7 years ago
jyj jyj
[i][b] :D [/b][/i]
Off topic - Imad B - 7 years ago
Imad B 1,245 7 years ago
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