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Date: 2018-8-8

Mai M Created: Aug 2018
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Horse or abdominal pain

Horse or abdominal pain. For many reasons, here are some common causes:

- Slowed digestion due to cold: horse pain, abdominal pain, sweating, standing a sad place, usually appear after eating 4-5 hours. Treatment - give a hot drink 50 degrees C, Pilocarpin injection, rub the abdomen with hotberry.

- Pain after eating: horse pain dull, restless, nostrils. That is overgrown. Give hot water, inject Pilocarpine, rub the abdomen.

- The pain lasts, when the pain is not, the belly is big. That horse is flatulence, intestinal effects. Pilocarpine injections, intestinal douches, anal spreads, abdominal rubbing.

- If severe pain, pouring many tissues, mucus membranous glaucoma, vomiting may be due to broken horse stomach or broken intestine, horse will die after 4-6 hours, very difficult to cure.

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