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Date: 2016-8-30

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Horse community

Hi Guys

I moved to England (Salford) a year ago and had to sell my horse and pretty much give up horses overall. I tried getting involved with the Uni's equestrian society, but it seemed waaaaay too expensive for what they could actually offer ..

I was wondering if there is a site, maybe similar to this, where you can find like-minded friends, but maybe also search for somewhere to ride (maybe privately?) - like a market space or something?
In Denmark we have like a part-timer "ownership" where you pay like maybe £50-60 a month and then you have the horse 2-3 days a week where you're responsible for exercising, yard duties and so... Would maybe like to find something similar over here?

I have worked as a rider professionally and trained quite difficult horses before, so I feel like I would have something to offer and I really miss being in the stables and smelling like horse haha.

Does anyone know any places that maybe could help me find something like that?
Or anyone know somewhere GOOD(!!!) to go for lessons in the Salford/Manchester area?

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