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Date: 2013-5-17

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New Cure For Laminitis

New cure for laminitis

A new cure, currently. through various clinical tests, has been shown so far to be able to stop laminitis in the 80% of treated cases
The new cure goes by the name Laminil and assigned the horse through injections. It is used both in acute and active chronic laminitis, where slows the inflammatory processes. So far the cure shows good results in the treatment of both acute and chronic laminitis.

The cure will be currently. tested by Dubai Equine Hospital and Rood & Riddle Equine Hospital in Kentucky, USA, where it has been tested on more than 60 horses and 120 head, with no evidence of side effects and with the desired effect in 80% of cases (and in all types of laminitis ).

You can read more about the cure;

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