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Date: 2013-4-9

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Feeding Guide

feeding guide

Here is a really good feeding guide, as all horse owners can benefit greatly from

First access to roughage 24 hours a day
Second Number kg. roughage per. day = 1% of body weight (ie 500 kg. horses need at least 5 kg. hay daily
3rd Give the smallest amount of grain or complete feed, which is sufficient to maintain the horse's body condition and performance.
4th 9-10% crude fiber in complete feed mixture
5th Max. 2.5 kg. grains per. feeding (up to a max. 5% of the horse's weight in grains per. feeding)
6th fresh and clean water
7th exercise

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  • Ann W Created: Nov 2012
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    6 years ago

    This is a good example of a feed guide... I always feed my horse more fibre 99% of her diet is fibre the rest is a protein mix... she also has fresh root vegetables such as carrot, swede, turnip & parsnip for a crunchy texture along with apples, she has garlic, mint & epsom salts added to her feeds and has sugar beet to moisten her feeds.. a 16 lb haynet each night... and unlimited water and a himalayan mineral salt lick hanging in her stable... She is a 16.1 hh TB and she does very well on her diet...

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