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Learn clicker training in 15 clicks

Learn clicker training in 15 clicks

Clicker training is a fun and effective way to train your horse. You just need to know a few general rules before you start experimenting.

One of clicker training's great advantages is that it can be infinitely variable and adaptable to any style. Clicker training is not desciplin in itself, but a learning tool that is used to learn new things . As the horse learns the exercises, decreased the use of the clicker again. Learning is much faster than most people are used to with traditional training, and horses are top motivated to work with their people.
You can use clicker training to learning to walk nicely in the trailer, rein back, lifting legs learning "dangerous things" tricks like to lie down, go Spanish steps - the only limit is your imagination.

Click - treat

First of all, the horse must learn that every time it hears a click, then it will get a treat within a few seconds. It teaches the horse very easily by using the target exercise. Target exercise is that the horse must touch an object with the nose. In the very moment the horse touches the target, click and give her a treat within a few seconds. You can use a plastic cap, a tennis ball on a stick or something similar as a target. Most horses learn to associate the clicker sound with treats which is on the way within a maximum of 15 clicks.
What kind of treats

You should choose something that your horse like as a treat You can use small pieces of apple, carrot or dry bread. The treats should be small and could be eaten in a hurry. Some horses begins to beg more when you start clicker training, but it keeps up quickly again if you ensure that they never get any treats for begging. Never give free goodies, the horse must always do something to earn treats, also in the stable.
Tray exercise

A good and useful clicker exercise is the tray exercise. Even if you train from the ground, will the exercise also improve the horse's willingness to step back under saddle. As in all other exercises you must make it easy for the horse to start with. At the beginning get the horse a click and treat just to lean the weight backward or take a single step. remember to click while the horse is in motion, and not at standstill after hilly. As you get clicked the horse to step back, you can ask for more and more steps before the horse gets his click and his treat. You will find that it quickly becomes much easier to get the horse to walk backwards

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    6 years ago

    I must ad something here. Not all horses can be trained with treats without getting aggressive. If the horses starts showing signs of aggression you have to stop using treats at once and never give the horse treats again. It can cause a lot of problems for some horses and be the start of some very bad behavior.
    But if it works its great Just, watch out if you are trying it.

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