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Date: 2013-2-27

Katie Created: Feb 2013
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Best Bedding for a really wet horse?

So my horse Dexter is seriously wet, I have rubber matting down and he's on a kind of semi deep litter with shavings. The only thing is I'm taking 1 1/2 - 2 barrows out everytime I muck out and we're going through loads of shavings. i've tried him on Nedzbed and a full deep litter, a full muckout everyday, but nothing seems to work. Any suggestions? Thankyou

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  • Malene H Created: Jan 2013
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    8 years ago

    Peat is a good bedding form. Peat is partially decomposed plant fibers formed by prehistoric plants formuldes in swampy areas, which over time has become drained marshes.
    Peat is dark and earth colored. It smells slightly of forest floor.

    The low pH - value, its large surface area and the high content of carbon in peat means that it absorbs moisture, catch gas and binds ammonia, which is some good qualities in the bedding, especially if you have a horse with brittle hooves or suffer from respiratory problems .
    When you start a box with peat:

    You will probably find that the contents of the bags with peat, may be damp. It does not mean anything for the quality. The peat work best in moist condition.

    My personal rule: It must be so that you can just press the peat into a ball, but the peat should not stick to your fingers.

    When using peat in his barn, would like just a good stable environment as peat has an excellent ability to absorb and bind urine and ammonia. The ability to its best in moist condition.

    If peat is bone dry, it has not the desired effect.

    When the box should be filled with peat, recommend that to spend at least 3 bales of peat. Then, of course, be taken droppings every day, and any time a new bale into the box once a week. If you want the box to look a little brighter, you can use a pack shavings. This makes it easier to see dabs.

    If you do not get taken droppings every day, and also have a desire for a soft mattress for your horse, so it may be useful start the box up with 5 to 6 bales of peat. You get a soft, springy base, approx. 20 cm. which can absorb optimally.

    In relation to the hoof, is peat really well. The horse's urine is basic, and if the horse stands on straw, the box's pH value at around the 9th It's not optimal conditions for healthy hoof. The basic substrate in a straw box will corrode both the sole beam and hovvæg. Many will experience healthier hooves when changing the bedding.

  • Ann W Created: Nov 2012
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    8 years ago

    I use shredded paper and deep litter... my mare is very wet and messy. Lay paper about 4 inches deep to stop it moving about.. daily remove poo from top and dig out wet patches every couple of days once a month remove whole bed and start again.. much easier with rubber matting.. have also used hemp in the past brandname Arbiose... very good need to dampen this to get best out of bed... remove poo daily mix clean with old to refresh bedding... comes with instructions very good but if not used properly can be a bit expensive... Hope this helps...

  • Dovile L Created: Apr 2016
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    5 years ago

    speaking about issues with horse bedding, I learnt that wheat straw pellets work pretty good with that. We found some straw pellets on internet and bought it. it was called lucky hooves if I am correct . actually, you could see the difference, because its less problems now to clean all that mess that horses make.. and you even cannot smell anymore that horrible ammonia smell..overall it seems that these wheat straw pellets make the difference and I think we wont come back to the old methods we were using before, because this solution is much better in my opinion

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